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City Here, while focusing on Vermont's largest city, reaches far beyond the Burlington Vermont area. Our site, is fully integrated with, and has a vast coverage area. We also have targeted advertising campaigns to maximize your exposure in the Vermont Tourism industry.

Every restaurant in our database has access to their hours of operation, the menus they have on file with us, and their restaurants description. By partnering ourselves with the restaurants in this way, we can provide instant updates, daily specials and any announcements that restaurants want to make to the thousands of visitors who use our site. We are here to be a resource for the public, yet a dynamic and far-reaching advertising tool for the restaurants themselves. Over 36,000 searches are preformed for Vermont-based information every day. We built our sites to serve them all by focusing on a market that is thought about and searched the most frequently.

Everyone's gotta eat!
Reaching people who are actively looking for bricks and mortar services offers many advantages. These people want to visit your establishment. Your information, presented in a focused environment that is locally based is a medium whose market has grown by leaps and bounds in the past five years. The thousands of tourists that visit Burlington Vermont each year dine out, shop out, and are eager to find the unique flavor of what your business is offering.

Whether you run a auto body repair shop and want to target the local residents or people who work in Burlington, or run a Bed & Breakfast and are looking for some tourist exposure, offers a remarkable advertising rate.

On your right, you can see that all of our ads are animated. Your ads will be created by our team of talented graphic artists at no additional charge. If you click on one of these ads, we'll know. If someone clicks on your ad, we'll know, and we'll tell you. That's something that Newspapers, TV and Radio simply can't do. They can only guess at what people see and hear with their product. We can gather stats on what people do on our site which give you and your business a focused picture of your target market. and offer several premium packages at affordable rates, giving restaurants instant control of their information.
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